Let’s Mark the Effects of COVID19 on Women

Did you know that almost every event affects every aspect of life from social to economic, from health to political, like a domino effect? The closest example I can give is the effect of the COVID19 crisis on other aspects of life. The reason it’s called a crisis is that it affects the economy in every household, the mental and body health of every person, education, and many more. Trendy topics this year because of the COVID19 were unemployment, symptoms, mask, face shield, testing, homeschooling, and distance education. I would like to emphasize the amount of search volume of homeschooling and distance education. Homeschooling searched four times more than distance education. I decided to dig into that because for some reason I assumed homeschooling is something a parent would search for rather than students. We all expect high stress among families during these times and as I research, I ran into UN Women statistics about COVID19. I would like to take a closer look at that, with everyone reading this blog.


According to UN research, 243 million women and girl have experienced domestic violence and this statistic increased extensively because of the pandemic. Why? We started to live with our abusers, the streets are even more desolated, and we feel more insecure about our financial states. It’s expected for women in online spaces to experience social abuse.

Healthcare Industry

70% of healthcare workers are women globally inluding, doctors, nurses, midwives, cleaners, etc. This is celebrating success for every woman in the workforce however still, women are paid less than men and have less decision in the healthcare industry. A study conducted in Italy showed that infected healthcare workers are 69% female. Why? Because hygiene products, face shields, and other protective equipment are designed for men.

Economic Affect

Surveys show that pandemic increased the rate of unemployment from 3.5 to 11. million for men and from 2.7 to 11.5 for women. While a huge portion of the workforce is returning their home to work in the house environment females are exposed to higher unpaid care and domestic load. Why? Because unfortunately still women are exposed to a higher responsibility in childcare and domestic affairs.

Young Women and Girls

After COVID19 almost every education institution switched into distance learning and the whole students are exposed to hard times at crowded houses, low technologies, etc. However, students who have left education during the pandemic is mostly young women. Why? Because young women returning to their houses exposed to higher domestic responsibilities and especially in low technology consuming countries young women are taken away from their education more than men because of the economic burden. Unfortunately, a lot of families giving their female child as a bride to bounce back from the negative impact of the economic crisis.

What is Triwi and How Can You Help?

Here at Triwi, we work on a smart wear to help women during their breast self-examination. Because breast cancer is a type of cancer that can be cured with an early diagnosis yet the fatality rate is still extremely high at 40%. We asked why and saw that problem is not that early diagnosis is so hard. It’s actually very simple but also very stressful. We want to raise awareness among women not only about the early diagnosis but also about listening to the signal our bodies give to us. We live in a society where a lot of women grow up afraid to touch themselves. So it’s time to reduce the anxiety about our bodies.

What Can You Do?

Currently, we’re in the commercialization stage and trust me, we’re almost there… So the best this you can do is actually to sign up to our list to hear it when we launch and go, get undressed in front of a mirror and start your examination!

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