Time’s Best Inventions of 2020 List and FEMTECH Industry

Alara Akcasiz
4 min readNov 27, 2020


Recently Time launched the “Best Inventions List” like it does every year. Besides their very transparent application and decision process here’s a quick summary: All around the world inventors nominee products and a list of editors evaluate the products according to originality, creativity, effectiveness, ambition, and impact.

Of course, this year COVID19 affects this list as well, MedTech was dominating the list. But there are some highlights I had from this list as a founder of a femtech wearable device inventor. The list is categorized as accessibility, artificial intelligence, AR, Connectivity, Consumer Electronics, Design, Education, Entertainment, and so on…

This year there were some inventions that remind me that with Triwi we’re on the right path. There were a lot of products defined as digital health, femtech and wearable device, and I am beyond happy to see femtech market is growing each year.

What is FemTech and Why Does it matter?

Femtech is a nearly new market where services and products are serving to upgrade women's lives and focuses on the problems of women. This market covers diagnostic devices, software, services, and firstly mentioned by Ida Tin, the founder of Clue (a menstrual health tracking app). Almost like in every topic that discusses “solving problems of women” the word femtech itself is controversial. However, we should all conclude that this market is not named after any political statement, but named after creating solutions to improve women's health. Why do we focus on women's health only? For the same reason there is a department in each hospital called “gynecological diseases”. No need to get offended.

Also, it matters because gynecological and hormonal problems are still a major issue that affects directly our everyday lives. It’s a fact that because of our 28 cycles we have our productive and unproductive days and suffer from huge health problems every year where society is evolving and growing.

Here are some femtech products that gave me joy this year:

It’s time to invest in femtech industry!

Yes! It is. For the last few years a lot of product focusing on women health has been developed and they are generally solved by women. This is an underrepresented market and it’s targeting half of the society.

Yes! It’s time to invest in this market because since the major portion of the founders are women we really know very well our customers, us, our sisters.

What is Triwi and How Can You Help?

Here at Triwi, we work on a smart wear to help women during their breast self-examination. Because breast cancer is a type of cancer that can be cured with an early diagnosis yet the fatality rate is still extremely high at 40%. We asked why and saw that problem is not that early diagnosis is so hard. It’s actually very simple but also very stressful. We want to raise awareness among women not only about the early diagnosis but also about listening to the signal our bodies give to us. We live in a society where a lot of women grow up afraid to touch herself. So it’s time to reduce the anxiety about our bodies.

What Can You Do?

Currently, we’re in the commercialization stage, and trust me, we’re almost there… So the best this you can do is actually to sign up to our list to hear it when we launch and go, get undressed in front of a mirror and start your examination!

See the full list of inventions here



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